Release Notes 2.11 – September 18 2018

Enhancements and Updates!

Check out the 2.11 release! It includes enhancements, updates and fixes that were next in line for release! Even though many of these enhancements contribute behind the scenes, you will notice some major fixes and they will make your MarketSharp experience simply, BETTER!

Be sure to review all the information within this document and should you have any questions, please reach out to the Client Care Team for support at 1-800-596-4368!


  • PaySimple

As you may know, MarketSharp is always looking for innovative industry solutions to enhance your business processes. After conducting a recent customer survey, we found that home improvement professionals, like you, are in need of better ways to accept payments from your customers.


To save you time (and, hopefully some of those costly credit card processing fees), we’re happy to announce a new payment processing integration with PaySimple, a leading service commerce solution. It will help you streamline your payment processing, retain happier customers and accept payments more efficiently whether in the office, home or jobsite.  Its intuitive design makes it simple and easy to use!


For more information, go to  You can also check out our help page on what to expect after signing up with PaySimple and using PaySimple within MarketSharp:


  • API
    • Fixed an issue causing the API to not return records.
    • Fixed an issue causing multiple day MarketSharp Calendar Events to be added incorrectly on Outlook and Google Calendars.
    • Added antispam measure to reduce the amount of spam companies receive through lead capture forms.
    • Fixed an issue causing the application to error when sending texts
    • Fixed an issue causing the incorrect Contact Type (Prospect, Lead, Customer) to be displayed when using the “Jump to Contact” button from the calendar.
    • Changed the wording on the link “Send Template Email” to “Send Email”.
      • Changed the behavior of the “Send Email” link to replicate what it does outside of the Call Center.


Looking forward to adding more features and functionality in 2018! We truly appreciate all the feedback offered to improve the usage and successfulness of MarketSharp for you and your company.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call support at 1-800-596-4368.


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