Release Notes – February 5 2019

Enhancements and Updates!

Check out the latest release! It includes enhancements, updates and fixes that were next in line for release! Even though many of these enhancements contribute behind the scenes, you will notice some major fixes and they will make your MarketSharp experience simply, BETTER!

Be sure to review all the information within this document and should you have any questions, please reach out to the Client Care Team for support at 1-800-596-4368!


    • Licenses In-Use has been renamed to Licenses In-Use / Storage
    • Storage use and calculation has been moved from the My Account page to the Licenses In-Use / Storage page
    • A storage usage display has been added to the Licenses In-Use / Storage page
      • Values are currently inaccurate.  More work needs to be done behind the scenes to populate this value over the coming week
    • File names will no longer be modified if a special character exists in the file name upon upload
    • Numbers following the file name have been removed from the file name
    • Changed the Edit icon to be more visible for modifying the File Description
    • Call Center Defaults (Existing Call Centers will not be affected)
      • Changed the Confirm marketing and Confirm calling queue’s to Pending Confirmation
      • Added Confirmed as a default marketing queue if it does not already exist
      • The Pending Confirmation calling queue fail over queue is now Reset instead of Old Leads
      • The activity result Confirmed no longer has the attribute of Appt Created
      • Added Sold as a default marketing queue if it did not already exist
      • Default call in queue for each parent or child company has been set to New Leads if it was not already set
    • Defaults have been added for new users or if an existing user clicks on Reset User Preferences in My Account. More information about the defaults or clicking Reset User Preferences can be found here: Reset User Preferences Help Page
    • Job Name in MarketSharp will now update the job Display Name in Quickbooks Online


    • Fixed a bug where lead capture activity processes did not maintain the reminder values when the activity on the activity process due date is greater than 24 hours
    • Fixed a bug preventing iPhones from uploading attachments without Wifi
    • Removed the full screen icon due to outdated functionality.
    • Fixed a bug preventing snippets from being saved

Looking forward to adding more features and functionality in 2019! We truly appreciate all the feedback offered to improve the usage and successfulness of MarketSharp for you and your company.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call support at 1-800-596-4368.




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