Releases Notes 1.42 – Aug 11, 2016


New Features & Enhancements

The 1.42 release offers you a few brand new features. However, based on your feedback, we’re happy to report this release includes a ton of requested enhancements. Review the information within this document and should you have any questions, please reach out to the Client Success Team for support at 1-800-596-4368!


  • The Mobile version is now available on Google Play and within the Apple App Store.

To download: Depending upon your mobile device model, open either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store icon from your handset and tap it to access the store app.  Search or browse for MarketSharp and then tap to install (there is no fee to download the app.)  Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the transaction and get the content.

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  • Within the Employee Setup, whether adding or editing an employee, you can now limit an employee to ONLY access the Mobile version by checking the Mobile only box.

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  • When setting permissions for employees, you can remove access to view contact phone, email and lead source when a user is logged into the Mobile version. Simply check the appropriate access permission under the ‘Field Permissions’ category for Contacts and Inquiries.

NOTE: Even though the employee may not have permission to view phone number, they do have the ability to search by phone number.

Release Notes 1.42 Images3ADMIN

  • In the event a user forgot to log out (which never happens – wink), a system administrator can now end a user session with a click of a link! Click on the Admin link in the upper right corner of MarketSharp, find the category Tools and choose ‘Licenses In-Use’ then click on the End Session link.

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  • Within the Employee Setup section, you now can add an employee picture, title, direct phone number, email and short bio! And the best part, each of these can be added to MarketSharp email templates as merge fields. Love, Love, Love this enhancement!

To edit an employee’s information, choose Admin, find ‘Employee Setup’ and add the information to your employee’s profile.  When creating or editing a MarketSharp email template, click on Admin, click on ‘MarketSharp Email Templates’, then choose the merge field drop down and search for the type of employee like Service.Rep with a suffix of Bio, Email, Name, Phone, Picture or Title.

In addition, you’ll find updated email templates to reflect the new merge fields, so be sure to update your employee’s profiles in order for the templates to properly populate information.

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  • Not only can you add the new employee profile merge fields to email templates, but you can also add the following merge fields for email correspondence related to: (a full list of all new merge fields is listed at the end of this document)
    • Production
    • Jobs
    • Service
  • You can now send a MarketSharp email with an “action link” to confirm appointments. Very cool new feature! To add the link to an email template, select “ActionLink.ConfirmAppointment from the merge field drop down menu.

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When your client clicks on the Confirm Appointment link within the email, they’ll be taken to a landing page thanking them for confirming. In the background, MarketSharp will automatically update the Confirmation Activity Result to Confirmed. To set up the action link, click on Admin, look under Company Setup for ‘Confirm Appointment Page Configuration’. Complete the information to be displayed on your confirmation landing page. Voila!


  • To give you the ability to be more precise in your follow-up activities, you can now base your activity process not only on Appointment Result, but also the Result Reason. To set your rule, click on Admin, look under the category of Automation Rules, and then choose ‘Appointment Rules’. Now, choose the appropriate item from the dropdown menus for appointment result and result reason.

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  • You can automatically attach an activity process to the Completion of a Production Task. To setup for production, click on Admin, look under the category of Process Setup and select ‘Production Process’. Click on the add process button and create your production process steps with the appropriate activity process. When adding a new production task for a job, choose the corresponding activity.

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  • In addition, you can automatically attach an activity process to the Change of Service Status. To add an activity for Change of Service Status, click on Admin, choose ‘Service Rules’ from the Automation Rules category. Once there, select the corresponding activity from the dropdown for the specific service status in which you’d like to attach an activity.

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BLUE TABS (Activity List, Production and Service)

  • Within the Service Tab you can filter by Service Type.

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  • Within the upper level blue tabs you can choose a new check box to Hide Inactive Assigned To for better viewing of your activities.
    • Hide Inactive Assigned To in the Activity List Tab by clicking the check box.
    • Hide Inactive Assigned To and Salespeople within the Production Tab by clicking the check box.
    • And Hide Inactive Service Reps within the Service Tab by clicking the check box.

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  • Yes, you are now able to create Custom Views within the Service and Production Tabs!

Release Notes 1.42 Images13QUICK FIND

  • When using Quick Find within Prospects, Leads or Customers, you can configure the quantity to show by the top 100, 250, 500 or 1000 records.  Simply, click on the radio button next to your desired quantity to view within ‘Quick Find’ located along the left hand margin of MarketSharp.

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  • Extremely beneficial enhancement for record keeping. When viewing contact notes, you’ll be able to see when and who created the last updated note.

Release Notes 1.42 Images15GET NEXT CALL

  • You can now sort the order in which calls come up in Get Next Call Maintenance.  Initially, it was based on a random sort, which potentially made a person you just called come up again right away.  NOW, you can sort it so the person you just called goes to the end of the list. NICE!

To set up the sort order of calls, click on Admin (look under the category of Apps and Add-on Set Up), then click on Get Next Call Maintenance. Choose a campaign from the dropdown. Click the link to Create NEW Or Edit and existing Campaign Priority Rule. Set up your activity priority rule criteria and from the dropdown ‘I would like to call the activities that match the criteria above in this order:’ select from the options: ‘No preference’, ‘Newest Activity Due Date First’ or ‘Oldest Activity Due Date First’.

NOTE: This only works if there are due dates on the Call Out Activities.

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    • Scheduled reporting now has the ability to be scheduled on a recurring basis! What’s great… when you need a report generated EVERY Monday at 9am – No problem!  Use the scheduling option to schedule the report in the future and the recurrence dropdown to tell the system when you’d like the report generated.  And don’t worry, if you’re running your report with dates, they will automatically advance for you.

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  • Modernize – You will now be able use lead capture functionality for Modernize to push leads directly into MarketSharp. To configure MarketSharp Lead Capture for integration with Modernize, click on Admin then click on ‘Modernize’ under Lead Capture Setup. (You must have the appropriate user Permission to access Lead Capture Setup). Configure the Lead Capture settings for Modernize.


Contact your Modernize Account Representative and give them your unique MarketSharp Company ID (You’ll find the ID under your company contact info within the upper portion of your MarketSharp system). This is needed in order for Modernize to submit leads to your MarketSharp database. Your Modernize Account Representative will contact you when your integration is complete.

Release Notes 1.42 Images17iCapture – Immediately push show and event leads into MarketSharp from your Mobile Devices using iCapture. You can turn your iPad, iPhone or Android device into a magnet for new leads. Simply capture information and push it directly into MarketSharp for fast and accurate follow-up.

  • Here’s how iCapture works at your events:
  1. SETUP: Add the appropriate submission fields and/or questions for your potential leads and designate by lead source for easy filtering.
  2. CAPTURE: Easily capture contact information while at shows, events or even within your showroom.
  3. ACTIONS: Push information into MarketSharp for fast, accurate follow-up and nurturing.

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  • How do I set it up in MarketSharp?
    1. Click on “Admin” in the upper right portion of your MarketSharp window
    2. Click on “iCapture” under Lead Capture Setup, then click the “Add Lead Capture” button
    3. Then create an iCapture Lead Capture Form by completing the detailed information: Add Event Name (click on GENERATE to create form ID), Lead Source Primary, Lead Source Secondary (optional), assign an Activity Process and select any users to be notified by email.

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  • How do I set up initial iCapture BackOffice Integration?

A One-Time setup is required to connect your new iCapture account to your MarketSharp account.

  1. Log into your iCapture account
  2. Click on “Manage Account” in the top right
  3. Click on “My Integrations”
  4. If you do not see a MarketSharp integration already set up, click on “Click Here to Create a New Integration”
  5. Type in a name for your integration (ie. CompanyXYZ MarketSharp Account)
  6. Enter your Company ID and Username
  7. Click “Save and Back”

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NOTE: Your data WILL NOT automatically start going to your MarketSharp account until each Questionnaire has a “List Assignment” telling iCapture which “iCapture Form” your captured data should be sent.

  • How do I create a “List Assignment” in your iCapture Questionnaire?
    1. Select your Questionnaire and click on “Setup”
    2. Click on the “Send Data to Integration” tab
    3. Select your MarketSharp integration from the dropdown menu and click “Add List Assignment”
    4. Select the “iCapture Lead Form” (that you set up in your MarketSharp account) to which the captures from this questionnaire will be sent\
    5. Your List Assignment will be displayed, then click on “Map Data Fields” to setup the data flow.
    6. WATCH THE VIDEO that explains the Map Data Fields

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  • GuildQuality – With GuildQuality, you’ll have the opportunity to survey your clients to get authentic feedback about their experience with your company. Then enhancements allow GuildQuality Members to configure MarketSharp to automatically push their completed jobs to GuildQuality on a nightly basis.  (If currently using GuildQuality integration, the good news is you no longer have to export and email a file to GuildQuality. However, you will need to complete the new setup options using the instructions below.)
    • How does it work in MarketSharp?
      1. Click on the ‘Admin’ link within MarketSharp
      2. Look for ‘GuildQuality Maintenance’ within Apps and Add-on Setup
      3. Configure GuildQuality by doing the following:
        • Enter your GuildQuality ID
        • Configure when to survey your completed jobs (recommended setting is 1 – 7 days.)
        • Configure which Job Types you’d like to survey. NOTE: Manual Job Type Selection required placing a check mark on the jobs you want to survey.
        • Configure which Lead Sources you’d like to survey. NOTE: Manual Lead Source Selection requires placing a check mark on the jobs you want to survey.
      4. Click ‘Save’

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Try it out for FREE… GuildQuality will survey up to 40 of your customers via phone, email, and mail card process. You’ll get unbiased, real-time feedback from homeowners to help you identify areas where your team excels and areas that may need improvement. Share feedback, respond to results and gather insight to improve and grow your business – For more information about GuildQuality visit:


This release includes numerous new merge fields for use in template documentation.

  • ConfirmAppointment
  • Appt_Set_By.Bio
  • Appt_Set_By.Email
  • Appt_Set_By.Name
  • Appt_Set_By.Phone
  • Appt_Set_By.Picture
  • Appt_Set_By.Title
  • Salesperson_1.Bio
  • Salesperson_1.Email
  • Salesperson_1.Phone
  • Salesperson_1.Title
  • Salesperson_2.Bio
  • Salesperson_2.Email
  • Salesperson_2.Phone
  • Salesperson_2.Title
  • All Custom Fields
  • Canvasser.Bio
  • Canvasser.Email
  • Canvasser.Name
  • Canvasser.Phone
  • Canvasser.Picture
  • Canvasser.Title
  • Inquiry_Taken_By.Bio
  • Inquiry_Taken_By.Email
  • Inquiry_Taken_By.Name
  • Inquiry_Taken_By.Phone
  • Inquiry_Taken_By.Picture
  • Inquiry_Taken_By.Title
  • Promoter.Bio
  • Promoter.Email
  • Promoter.Name
  • Promoter.Phone
  • Promoter.Picture
  • Promoter.Title
  • Telemarketer.Bio
  • Telemarketer.Email
  • Telemarketer.Name
  • Telemarketer.Phone
  • Telemarketer.Picture
  • Telemarketer.Title
  • Addendum_Products
  • Address
  • Address_Line_1
  • Address_Line_2
  • Address_Name
  • City
  • Completion_Date
  • Contract_Date
  • Contract_Status
  • Directions
  • Financing.Amount_To_Be_Financed
  • Financing.Amount_To_Be_Paid_Cash
  • Financing.Cash_Balance
  • Financing.Finanaced_Balance
  • Financing.Financed_By
  • Financing.Loan_Number
  • Financing.Loan_Status
  • Financing.Loan_Type
  • Financing.Not_Applied_To_Contract
  • Financing.Total_Cash_Payments
  • Financing.Total_Financed_Payments
  • Items_Purchased_Summary
  • Job_Financing.Cost_Summary
  • Job_Financing.Cost_Summary_Details
  • Job_Financing.Financial_Summary
  • Job_Financing.Payment_Summary
  • Job_Financing.Total_Balance_Due
  • Job_Financing.Total_Contract
  • Job_Number
  • Name
  • Notes
  • Original_Contract_Products
  • Product_Detail_Comments_Summary
  • Product_Details_Summary
  • Product_Details_Summary_With_Comment
  • Project_Managers
  • Sale_Date
  • Salespersons
  • State
  • Status
  • Type
  • Work_Crew_Summary
  • Work_Crews
  • Zip
  • Actual_End_Date
  • Actual_Start_Date
  • Assigned_To.Bio
  • Assigned_To.Email
  • Assigned_To.Name
  • Assigned_To.Phone
  • Assigned_To.Picture
  • Assigned_To.Title
  • Description
  • Expected_End_Date
  • Expected_Start_Date
  • Notes
  • Completed_On_Date
  • Finances.Amount
  • Finances.Amount_Paid
  • Finances.Balance_Due
  • Finances.Billable
  • Finances.Warranty
  • Product_Warranty_Start_Date
  • Service_Date
  • Service_Notes
  • Service_Rep.Bio
  • Service_Rep.Email
  • Service_Rep.Name
  • Service_Rep.Phone
  • Service_Rep.Picture
  • Service_Rep.Title
  • Service_Request_Date
  • Service_Time
  • Status
  • Technician_Notes
  • Type




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