They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Contractors using imagery during the sales process are winning more business for this very reason. MarketSharp has partnered with Renoworks Pro to enable any remodeling contractor to easily make pictures a part of their sales pitch.
With Renoworks Pro, you can showcase interior and exterior building products on a picture of a room or home exterior to create compelling “before and after” images that excite homeowners.
Create a new look for a prospects yourself from a web browser or iPad in your office or on the road. You can also include the application at your web site to engage visitors and capture more leads.
One contractor using Renoworks Pro increased close rates on sales estimates by 60% and also saw their profit rise by over 60%.

How to set up Renoworks lead capture in MarketSharp

Start by clicking on the Admin link in the drop-down in the upper right hand corner of MarketSharp.

Scroll down the page until you come to the Lead Capture SetUp area and click on the Renoworks link

Once on the lead capture page, start by selecting how the lead source should be listed on the inquiry that is added to the contact when it is pushed into MarketSharp.

After selecting lead sources,  select an activity process that you have created to follow up with the lead.

Then select the names of the users that should be notified by email when the leads come into the database.

After everything has been selected, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

How to set up the Renoworks lead capture on Renoworks website

A user uploads and designs a project, or they design what we call “sample projects”. These are pre-loaded images of home interior or exterior that a user can design so they can get started using the tool quickly.

Renoworks Image 4On the “Save and Review” step, the user reviews their design. IF the contractor HAS a MarketSharp account, and we’ve added their marketSharpID to the RWPro setup, the new “Tell Me More” button appears. This button will NOT be visible if the contractor does not have a MarketSharp account associated with their Renoworks Pro account.

Renoworks Image 5If the user clicks on the “Tell Me More” button, a call-to-action box (titled “You’re Almost There”) pops up, as shown. At this point the user can enter their personal information.

Renoworks Image 6When the user clicks the “Yes, Tell Me More” button, their personal information and a link to their project is sent into the contractor’s MarketSharp account as a new lead for follow up.

Renoworks Image 7

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