Reporting Tab

The Reporting Tab is where all available reports are housed in MarketSharp. Here a user can run sales, marketing, production, service and general reports.  The Detailed Sales Report and Detailed Marketing Report are the two reports that can be customized to a user’s liking.

There is a Reporting Guide linked in the upper right corner of the page. This is a PDF document that gives a brief summary of what each report goes through, and explains the different data columns and where they pull from in MarketSharp.

A user has the option to filter our which types of reports display, so that all aren’t listed at one time.

Choose Report Preferences on this page as well.  Choose between Multi Page or Single Page reports, as well as the file type for exporting.

There are two views available on the Reporting Tab; Schedule View and Report View

Report View

This view is used when creating or running reports. Any customized reports will always be at the top of the page under Company Reports.

The Show Schedule link over on the right side shows a schedule of any time a specific report has been run. Quickly view the report using this link as well.

How to Run a Report

Simply click on the name of the report to open it.  Choose the date range and grouping (if applicable).  Click Schedule Report Immediately to run it.  This will redirect to Schedule View.

Choose to run a recurring report using the Schedule Report button. Reports can be scheduled to run daily, weekly and monthly.

Clicking Save As New allows for the opportunity to rename the report.  A description can also be provided.  Doing this will also move a standard report up to the company reports area. This would be useful for reports that are used frequently so they are easily accessible.

Schedule View

Schedule View is where reports are viewew or exported after they have been run.

This will display a list of all reports that have been run in the database.  Click the blue icon in the View column to view a report.  Reports can be Exported or Deleted from here as well. When exporting reports it is important to choose the proper file type. Xlsx or Csv will download the report as an Excel file.

When viewing a report, there are different options available.

Choose to print the report, change the view, or download as a specific file type.

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