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What is Sales Rabbit

Sales Rabbit is the most effective mobile app and cloud-based platform for sales companies on the go. This all-in-one app takes your sales team to the next level with sleek lead tracking features, simple rep management options, real-time leaderboards, and more.
With the Sales Rabbit door to door app, you never have to lose track again! Sales Rabbit’s focuses on Lead Management and Rep Management. With the Lead Management section of the app, you have a complete list of each person you contacted. Quickly input notes, set follow-up reminders and notifications, and drop pins on your electronic map to track the status of each house or business. Improving your team efficiency with the best sales tracking software in the industry also cuts down on operational costs!
Sales Rabbit Training Video for MarketSharp:

How is it used

  • Sales Rabbit has clients that use Sales Rabbit to collect lead data at events and kiosks.
  • Sales Rabbit does not require an internet connection. Any data captured without a data connection will sync to the cloud when you do have internet again. We always recommend getting data on the device if you are using Sales Rabbit for d2d (door to door), as it greatly improves the user experience.

For more information about Sales Rabbit and to get MarketSharp integration setup click here:


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