Sales Tab

The Sales Tab gives users the ability to view sales appointments for a specific user, specific date, and specific appointment type. The Sales Tab can be customized to display specific columns.  Appointments can be sorted, scheduled, exported to excel, viewed, edited, or deleted. The Sales Tab is a great tool for sales managers to manage all sales activities. It also makes it very easy for sales staff to enter results of sales appointments quickly and efficiently.

Use the drop-downs to filter further down and pinpoint exactly what to display. Filter by the Salesperson, type of appointment, result of appointment, division, and date range.


Edit An Appointment

To edit an appointment via the Sales Tab, click the blue edit pencil to the left of the screen. This will pull up the typical

This will pull up the typical Edit Appointment box. Make the changes and click Save

Export to Microsoft Excel®

Users can export Sales Tab data to Microsoft Excel® by clicking the Export link


Tagging and Emailing Appointments

The Sales Tab is an efficient way to email and issue all appointments for the day to each member of the sales staff. Start by filtering for the appropriate appointments using the filters at the top.

Tag all the appointments in the list by clicking the box on the upper left of the list

Once the appointments are tagged, click the Email & Issue Tagged Appointments link

Choose the email template from the drop-down. (These are managed in the Admin section under the Email Setup box).  Then click Issue & Email Appointments.


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