Service Tab

Service calls are any type of work that is preformed after the initial install is complete. For example, warranty work, maintenance, or general repair on an existing installed product.

The Service tab gives users the ability to view different service calls for a specific date range, representative, type, and status.

Service calls can be exported to Excel, viewed, or edited.

Service tasks are created under the Jobs Tab of a Customer Record.

Add, Edit, or Delete Service Task

Add a second service, edit, or delete service task from the service tab by clicking on the pencil icon corresponding with the service.

This pulls up the typical Edit Task box where new services can be added, or existing ones deleted.  Existing service tasks can also be edited by again clicking the blue edit pencil that corresponds with the service task.


Service Tasks are created on the Customer Record via the Jobs Tab. Once created they are housed on the Service Tab, they cannot be created here.

To Delete Service, click on the blue trashcan icon that corresponds to the Service


Export to Excel

Users can export Service Tab data to Microsoft Excel by clicking the Export link


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