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MarketSharp’s Slot Scheduler allows for booking appointments based on open time slots. When booking an appointment, there will be a specific amount of appointment openings available in each time slot for each day.  This is often referred to as “slot scheduling” or “scheduling to capacity”.

The main difference between the Slot Scheduler and Calendar is the Slot Scheduler allows booking of appointments to an open slot without immediately assigning a salesperson.  The Slot Scheduler also allows for the definition of the number of appointment slots to fill per day.  It also allows for setting the capacity of appointments to fill in each slot.

The Slot Scheduler also provides an easy way to view appointments for any given day and assign those appointments to the most logical salesperson (based on drive distance, drive time, product, lead source, etc.).

In a typical remodeling company, a Sales Manager will configure time slots for each day and how many appointments are needed to fill the time slot.  The goal of the customer service department is to book appointments to fill all the time slots.  Finally, the day before the appointments are run, the Sales Manager will assign the appointments to the most logical sales rep.  Once the appointment is assigned to a sales rep it will also display on the Salesperson Calendar.

Slot Scheduler is a standard feature available to all users.  It is most beneficial for companies who have dedicated staff for scheduling appointments.

To give a user permission to use the slot scheduler:

  • Choose Admin from the drop-down in the upper right of the program

  • Choose Employee Maintenance

  • Choose the blue key icon to the left of the employee’s name that you wish to have access

  • Click on Feature Permissions, then expand Scheduler Tab. Choose the appropriate permissions for the employee.

When using Slot Scheduler,

Slot Types will need to be created in order to organize the types of appointments being scheduled.  If there is just one product line (or multiple product lines in which all Sales staff can run appointments), then create one generic Slot Type called Sales Appointments.  If there are multiple product lines and each salesperson specializes in one product, then create Slot Types for each product such as Window Appointments, Siding Appointments, and Roofing Appointments, for example.  MarketSharp does not have any default types available.

To add a Slot Type:

  • Click on the Slot Scheduler Tab

  • Select Edit Mode Off on the right hand side of the screen
    1. NOTE: The button will read Edit Mode On when editing is enabled

  • Choose Add Type to add a new Slot Type

  • Give the Slot Type a name
  • Choose Save

  • Delete or edit Slot Types at any time by pressing the Pencil or the Trashcan – keep in mind that any slots associated with that type will also be deleted

The next step to setting up Slot Scheduler is to add slots so sales appointments may be scheduled to them.  To add a slot:

  • Click on the Slot Scheduler Tab.

  • Select the Slot Type to add slots to

  • Choose to have Edit Mode On

  • Use the arrows or calendar icon to select the week you would like to schedule slots for

  • Choose Add Slot or Copy Slots From”

  • If adding a slot, fill out the information for Start Time, Duration in Minutes, and Number of Slots.

  • Choose Save

To book an appointment to the Slot Scheduler:

  • Click on the Contacts Tab

  • Find the record for the appointment to be scheduled (or enter a new Lead)
  • Click the Slot Scheduler icon – this will take you to the Scheduler tab

  • Choose the Slot Type to schedule the appointment


  • Select Book on the slot  to schedule the appointment

  • Press Confirm to book the appointment

To assign a booked appointment to a salesperson:

  • Click on the Slot Scheduler Tab

  • Choose the slot type you want

Slot Scheduler Images23

  • Choose the slot to see the booked appointments

  • Choose Assign to give the appointment to the salesperson

NOTE:  once a slot is assigned to a salesperson it will show up on the calendar tab

  • To re-assign a scheduled appointment choose Reassign, Rebook, or Unbook





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