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Socius Marketing helps clients generate qualified, unique leads using a number of proven online marketing strategies. Not only do they plan and implement search engine optimization strategies and pay-per-click advertising campaigns to attract visitors to your website, but they also employ design and development tactics to convert website visitors into leads.

Having a strong web presence in a major search engine is essential for any size business.

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How to Configure MarketSharp Lead Capture for Integration with Socius

Click the Admin link from the drop-down in the upper right corner of MarketSharp

Find the Lead Capture Setup box and click the Socius link

Click Add Lead Capture button

Give the form a name.  Click the Generate button to generate a Form ID.  This will need to be provided to Socius. Chooses the primary and secondary lead sources, as well as the marketing queue.  Choose an Activity Process to attach to the lead capture if you’d like.  Lastly, choose which users (if any) to get email notifications when a new Socius lead is entered into MarketSharp.

NOTE: Socius may provide a Form ID, if that is the case, simply enter it in instead of clicking the generate button.


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