Default Appointment Length Set Up

The Default Appointment Length is a setting found through admin under Company Setup.  To utilize the Default Appointment Length feature, you must set an appointment without navigating to the calendar.  It will take the date and time entered for the appointment and make the appointment for however long the default appointment length is.  You can set these default lengths for Sales, Production and Service type appointments.

Below, you will find how to set the Default Appointment Length and utilizing the feature using a Sales Appointment example.

Setting up Default Appointment Length

Navigate to Admin and select Calendar under Company Setup

Enter the amount of hours you want your Default Sales Appointment to last.  The example below is 1.5 hours

Click Save once finished.

Utilizing the Default Sales Appointment

Navigate to the Contact tab, select Leads or Customers Record View.

Open up the Inquiries/Appointments Tab or Panel and Add or Edit a sales appointment.

Fill in Appt Date/Time and Salesperson 1

Save your appointment and click on the Calendar tab.

Look for your appointment on the Day and Time is was scheduled

The appointment was scheduled on Nov 22nd at 10:30am – 12:00pm (1.5 hours) for our salesperson, Jack Smith.

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