The Purpose of Filters

Why Make a Filter?

Filters in MarketSharp are used to pull records that contain certain pieces of information that are specified by the user.

Think of it another way…  Imagine a sandbox filled with rocks.  A child might use a toy that looks like a strainer to sift through the sand to pull out the rocks.

Filters work the same way.  They sift through the information in MarketSharp, and pull up only the records that meet the specific criteria.

Each of the three sections of MarketSharp has a filtering option: Prospects, Leads, and Customers.  Filters can be selected from either the list view or the record view (meaning any filter that was already created and saved), but they may only be created in the list view.

Filters are very logical, so it can take some time to create a filter that works just right.

Filters can be used for so many different things – to pull a list of records that don’t have an appointment to dispatch them to the call center, to pull a list for a mailing, or even to pull a list to send over to Constant Contact for an email.

Filters open up a world of possibilities when it comes to organizing, sorting and managing data.

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