Unlink PaySimple Payments

To unlink PaySimple Payments linked by the PaySimple Payment Manager, you will need to make sure your company is using PaySimple.  If your company is not signed up for PaySimple or would like to learn more, please visit https://paysimple.com/paysimple-marketsharp-form.html or take a look at our help page: PaySimple Integration

Have you used the PaySimple Payment Manager and accidentally linked it to the the wrong job?  This page will guide you through on how to undo that wrongly linked payment.

Within the PaySimple Payment Manager, select the Linked option in the upper right.

The Linked page displays all of the previous linked payments in the past 6 months using the PaySimple Payment Manager

You can search the Linked Payments by selecting the Linked PaySimple Payments row.  You can search by Payer Name, Amount, Linked Date, Job Name, Job Number or MarketSharp Contact Name.

You can also select the label of the search field to sort the results

In this example, we are going to look to unlink the payment below.

Once you find the payment you wish to unlink, select the unlink icon on the left.

Confirm that you want to unlink that payment

Upon a successful unlink, you will receive a success message at the bottom of the page

And looking back at the job finances, we see that the payment has been removed from the job

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