Views on the Upper-Level Tabs

A View in MarketSharp M determines what columns show up on a list. For example the Default View on the Leads List View displays: Last Name, First Name, Address Line 1, City, State and Zip/Postal Code. The Contacts, Activity List, Sales, Production, and Service tabs all allow for custom views.

Adding or Editing a View is the same on all the pages, here we’ll look at editing a view on the Contacts tab.

Then click on the Leads List View, and click Add to the right of the View drop-down.

Give the View a name, then choose what fields to display by selecting them in the left box, and using the arrow to move it over to the right box. Choose whether this View can be seen by others, then click Save at the bottom.

Now the custom View is available in the drop-down.

There are similar Views on the Activity List, Sales, Production and Service tabs:

Activity List:




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