How to Add a Prospect and Transfer to a Lead

A Prospect is someone who has not yet shown interest.  There are two basic ways to input data into the prospect section using MarketSharp.

Import Contacts or manual data entry.

Add a Prospect

In Prospects Record View click Add New Prospect

Enter information into any of the fields.  Check for duplicates by name, phone number, or address. Click Check for Duplicates.

MarketSharp recommends searching for duplicate records. This is an easy way to maintain data integrity.  If a duplicate contact is found, the record will be displayed.

Click Create New

Enter contact information.  Scroll down to enter all contact information. A last name is required.


Click Save.

Edit a Prospect

Use Quick Find to search for the contact that needs to be edited.

Click the name of the contact to go to Prospect Record View.

Click Edit This Contact.

Click Save when finished.


Delete a Prospect

Click Delete This Contact.

A message will pop up requiring a typed confirmation of “Delete contact”


Click Confirm.

Note:  Clicking Confirm will permanently remove the record and all associated data from the database.


Transfer a Prospect to a Lead

After a Prospect shows interest by inquiring about a product or service, they should be transferred to a Lead.


To do so, use the Quick Find to locate the contact.

Click their name to go to Prospect Record View.

Click Transfer to Lead.

The contact is now a Lead.


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