Zapier and MarketSharp

This documentation demonstrates the necessary steps needed to get information from Zapier into MarketSharp.  In order to step through this documentation, there are some prerequisites:

  • Access to MarketSharp Admin
  • Access to Custom Lead Capture in MarketSharp Admin
  • Zapier Account*
  • First Name and Last Name Separated on the form**
  • Gravity Forms and Zapier Add-on***

*Zapier is a tool that helps facilitate submissions getting from one place to another.  If you are not familiar with Zapier, you can find more information about it at Zapier.  Zapier is a free signup in which you receive a Professional version of Zapier for 14 days.  After those 14 days, the Professional plan will expire, and your account will be bumped down to the free version of Zapier.  In most cases, you will want the Starter or Professional versions for a few reasons.  These are not all the reasons on why, but many users run into these constraints on the free version of Zapier.

  1. The free version of Zapier is limited to 5 Zaps.  That means that you can only connect 5 different apps to funnel into MarketSharp
  2. The free version does not allow the use of Premium Apps found on Zapier.  The most popular one being Facebook Lead Ads
  3. The free version caps out at 100 tasks.  This means that you can only get 100 submissions of new leads per month.  If you receive more than 100 leads a month, you will want to use a paid version of Zapier.

You can learn more about pricing at their Zapier Pricing Page.

**First name and last name are required fields.  Although not required, having first name and last name separated will be ideal when mapping parameters and for the users using MarketSharp.  If first and last name are not separated, the full name will need to be mapped to both the first name and last name parameters for it to POST into MarketSharp.  This will then require the user to modify the first and last name accordingly.

***While it is not necessary to use Gravity Forms, as there are many other type of forms and apps you can use with the MarketSharp app on Zapier, this documentation uses Gravity Forms for the example.

This documentation assumes you have all the prerequisites fulfilled when stepping through.  The example in this documentation is using Gravity Forms to submit leads.  Since this documentation’s goal is to show setup on getting data from Zapier into MarketSharp, this will not cover the creation and or installation of the Gravity Form or Zapier Add-on installation.


We will need to log into MarketSharp and navigate to Admin in the upper right.  Once in the Admin section, select Custom Lead Captures found under Lead Capture Setup

Within the Custom Lead Capture Maintenance page, select Add lead capture on the left side to create a new lead capture.

Fill in the fields below.  Options 3-6 can be considered to be optional and skipped if necessary.


There are a couple of ways to get started using the MarketSharp app in Zapier.  You can start with creating your own work flow which uses templates we created to be used with our App.  Like the one shown below:

However, this option may not always be the best choice because you may be wanting to use an app we do not have template for.  In which case, you will start by simply creating a Zap

Give your Zap a name that is recognizable.  The name will show up on your Zaps.

Gravity Form App Setup in Zapier

We will want to choose the App we are obtaining our leads from.  In this case, we are using Gravity Forms.  Search and Select Gravity Forms

Once we select Gravity Forms, fill in the required fields and hit continue.

We need to set up our webhook.  This webhook links our Gravity Form to Zapier.  When the Gravity Form is submitted, the submitted information will get to Zapier.  Copy the Webhook URL.

Using the Zapier Add-on, add in the Zap Name and Webhook URL (the one that was just copied) into the two required fields.  Save the Zapier Feed.

After the Webhook URL information has been added to the Gravity Form Zapier Add-on, continue on in Zapier.

Test the trigger to make sure that the connection between the Gravity Form and Zapier is working.

if Successful, the returned information will be displayed and Sample Data will be filled in.  The sample data for this request is using Mr. Bilbo Baggins.  This completes the Gravity Form setup in Zapier.   Click continue to set up the MarketSharp app in Zapier.

MarketSharp App Setup in Zapier

The next step will to be deliver the new Gravity Form submission to MarketSharp.  Search for MarketSharp in the search box and select the MarketSharp app.

Make sure the required fields are filled in like below, and click Continue

You will then need to click Sign in to MarketSharp.  This is how we can identify what company and what form to use in MarketSharp

Enter your user credentials along with your company Id and click Yes, Continue.

After successfully logging in, your MarketSharp account will be displayed along with your company Id and username.  Click Continue to move to the next step.

Since we have already created our Lead Capture prior to this.  We can now select it as an option.

Make sure to map in all the required fields in this section.  As of right now, we have a limited number of fields to be mapped.  This will be expanded on in the future, but since we are in the beta phase, we kept the options limited to the necessary fields.  Those are:

  • First Name (required)
  • Last Name (required)
  • Phone Number (required if no Email is available)
  • Email (required if no Phone Number is available)
  • Address Line 1 (optional)
  • Address Line 2 (optional)
  • City (optional)
  • State (optional)
  • Zip (optional)
  • Product Interests (optional)

First name and Last name are required.  This section does not enforce the requirement for Email or Phone number.   Email OR Phone number is a required field by MarketSharp in order to submit a lead successfully.  Make sure to map out email, phone number or both.

Not all options maybe appear to be available to map out, select the Show All Options button to show the rest of the fields able to be mapped.

Map out the required fields and any other fields you need.

Click continue to move on and test the mapped out data.

Zapier will outline the mapped fields provided in the steps above.  For the sake of this demo, Address information was not mapped because the address was fake and the zip code was only four digits.  Four digit zip codes will be rejected by our lead capture.  The Product Interest that is mapped above will be added into the inquiry notes in MarketSharp.

When testing this, upon a successful test, this will submit the lead into MarketSharp.  You will be able to find the new lead by searching for them in MarketSharp.  Click Test & Continue.

After a successful test, a contact Id and url will be returned.  Turn on the Zap.

The newly created Zap can be found on the Zaps page along with the name it has been given.

Testing the Live Form

All the setup is complete.  We can now test our form on our website to see if it works.  Keep in mind, in this example, address information was not mapped in Zapier.  Therefore, we will not receive address information in MarketSharp even though it is provided on this form.

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