The marketing section reveals ways to drive more leads, nurture existing leads and gain more repeat and referral business using email, automation activities, direct mail and more.

Email from MarketSharp

Get all the details about the email options built-in to MarketSharp.

Activities & Activity Processes

Never miss another task by creating “to-do” activities and schedule follow-up processes.

Automation Rules

Set parameters to automate your marketing efforts.

Direct Mail

Learn how to use built-in mailing options and online resources like MarketSharp Mail and SmartMail Plus.

Nurture Marketing Worksheets

Build long lasting relationships through every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Lead Generation Planners

Get more leads by planning your strategy!

Lead recovery

Use planning guides to recover business from unsold leads.

Lifetime Customers

Gain valuable repeat and referral business with surveys, annual promos and more.