Make better informed decisions by utilizing the vast reporting options.  You’ll turn your data in actionable insight by utilizing the flexible, wizard-based reporting tools. Create sophisticated reports and view performance dashboards to measure and evaluate overall business operational activity, track sales and marketing lead sources, production stats and identify trends, problems or opportunities.

Know Your Numbers (KPI)

Discover the importance of monitoring and improving sales and marketing metrics.


Get a real-time glance about sales, marketing and operational activities.

Learn how to print reports for follow-up and tracking purposes.

Upper-Level (Blue) Tab Reports

Get all the details about viewing activities, sales, production, and service tabs.

Reporting Tab

Create and save sales, marketing, production and general reporting, in addition to setting recurring parameters.

The Detailed Reports – Build Your Own Report

Create reports based on your specific details including filtering, grouping, reporting columns and fields.

Exporting & Formatting

Learn how to push data to other programs.